BERNADETTE is the Antwerp-based fashion label from creative mom-and-daughter duo Bernadette and Charlotte de Geyter. A shared vision of modern luxury characterizes their ready-to-wear and homeware collections. Fashion and interior merge seamlessly for BERNADETTE. With an extensive archive of patterns and florals, they are more than a fashion label. It's a lifestyle filled with joy, optimism, and striking florals to brighten up every occasion of your day.

As a brand born of intergenerational collaboration, Bernadette — a former buyer for Ralph Lauren and more — is an expert on forms that work for women of all ages. Being a homeware and interior enthusiast, Bernadette is a chameleon that adapts to every space individually. From American porches with Rotan chairs to the inviting coziness of the English cottage. The fusion of nonchalance and elegance depicts her style of working.

Artistic expression is central to the brand. BERNADETTE’s unique botanical motifs — a hallmark described by British Vogue as “florals with a fizz” — are all hand-drawn by Charlotte, who studied at Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts.